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The ABDF began as an idea to generate economic confidence and financial capital within the Afrikan community. Whilst recognising that not everyone would define themselves as such, there was an understanding that our community lacked direction and cohesion where an effective use of finance was concerned.

The ABDF was a response to the fact that in comparison to other communities our disposable income was relatively high however we had – and still do have – a marked tendency to spend most of this income with people from other groups.

As a consequence, the ABDF was established (initially as an unincorporated association) in 1996. It has over one hundred members, has invested in property, established a company in Ghana involved in the manufacture of building blocks and road haulage, invested in an Afrikan owned business, and has built strong links with similar organisations.

THE FEATURES (How Does It Work?)

The ABDF Ltd is based upon the principle and practice of Pardner/Susu/Boxie Money etc. as passed down to us by our parents and ancestors from Afrika and the Caribbean. Each shareholder pays a monthly contribution, however the difference with the ABDF is that no one takes a draw, instead we leave the money in the collective pot until we have sufficient funds to make a strategic investment on behalf of all shareholders. Through this process we create capital which is the key to moving Afrikan people from economic scarcity to plenty.

To ease the administrative burden each shareholder makes their monthly contribution by standing order. Exceptions to this rule are only considered in the case of shareholders who are unwaged.


So far we have:

  • Operated as a private limited company since 2001.
  • Attracted over 100 shareholders through personal invitation.
  • Bought two properties which we manage, rent at a profit and which have appreciated in value.
  • Invested in an Afrikan owned company based in London.
  • Formed regional groups throughout the UK.
  • Established links with like-minded organisations regionally, nationally and internationally.
  • Established processes and procedures to 'institutionalise' the company.
  • Created a company in Ghana involved in the manufacture of bricks and road haulage.
  • Established a business plan to pave the way for the company to be a global economic entity.
  • Built trust and a solid group ethic.

Most importantly:

  • We continue to invest together and prove that Afrikan people can and will pool their money for the collective good.


  • Apr. 1996: Birth of the idea.
  • Oct. 1996: Bank account opened.
  • Nov. 1996: ABDF the organisation began.
  • Nov. 2000: Members save £20,000 (initial target).
  • May  2001: ABDF Ltd formed.
  • Aug. 2002: Company purchases 1st house.
  • May  2003: Company acquires 1st tenant.
  • Feb. 2004: Company purchases 2nd house.
  • Mar. 2004: Company acquires 2nd tenant.
  • Jun. 2004: Three year consolidation period comes to an end.
  • May.  2005: Company makes 1st investment in a business (Nubian Natural).
  • May.  2007: 1st Regional group.
  • Jan. 2008: Company acquires 100th member.
  • Feb. 2008: ABDF Ghana Ltd formed.
  • Feb. 2008: ABDF Ghana employs 1st employee - General Manager.
  • Jun. 2008: 2nd Regional group.
  • Jun. 2008: Plans commence for the institutionalisation of ABDF Ltd.
  • Nov. 2008: Tipper Truck arrives in Ghana; ABDF Ghana begins business.
  • Nov. 2008: Internal review of policies, processes and procedures commences. Freeze on recruitment of new investors

  • Nov. 2010: Six Directors elected (Four new). Four Partner Directors recruited.

  • July. 2011: Revamped ABDF website goes live.

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