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The members of the ABDF Ltd are Afrikan women and men who seek the economic empowerment and spiritual upliftment of their people and seek to abide by the principles of MA’AT. Members abide by the following as a minimum requirement:

  1. To maintain an up to date payment schedule with respect to monthly investment as set out in the constitution (articles of association).
  2. Commit to four hours per month to the work of ABDF*.
  3. Actively help to shape the direction of the ABDF.
  4. Abide by the constitution and the principles of MA’AT.

* Ma'atWe recognise and accept that not everyone will be able to commit to four hours per month to the work of ABDF due to physical location, etc (and neither can we compel anyone to do so). However we expect all members to contribute what they can, where they can and when they can in the spirit of MA’AT.

The minimum contribution is ten pounds per month for those who are waged. The minimum contribution for the unwaged is five pounds per month. The level of your contribution does not alter the fact that it is one person one vote. The level of your contribition will however determine the level of any dividend that is paid out since this will be based upon your total shareholding. i.e. the greater the number of shares you have purchased the greater the level of dividend you will receive, if and when the Directors decide the business is in a position to pay out dividends.

To safeguard your investment we operate a tri-signatory account. Any member can request to view the organisation’s books at any time.


  • You gain the opportunity to engage in investment opportunities that may well be beyond your financial reach as an individual.
  • Investing with a large group of people reduces the risk to each individual.
  • Investing via a limited company reduces and limits individual liability.
  • Many heads are better than one.
  • You will make new friends and have the opportunity to meet and work with like-minded positive Afrikan women and men.
  • You will have the opportunity to learn new skills and expand your business and professional network (we have a wide skills base in the group).
  • By participating in the ABDF you are helping to rebuild and strengthen your community.

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